About OPLR

The Office of Professional Licensure Review (OPLR) was created to fulfill the vision laid out by Governor Spencer Cox in his Executive Order 2021-01 , and the statute enacted by the Utah state Legislature in SB 16 (2022 General Session).

OPLR reviews all proposals for new occupational regulation (licensing, certification, registration) in the state, as well as reviewing the current requirements for each regulated occupation once every 10 years.

The purpose is to provide a regular, systematic, objective review of the requirements for each regulated occupation in the state of Utah. This provides legislators, industry, and licensed individuals input and certainty about when and how their licensing requirements might change.
As with all regulation, OPLR seeks to balance protecting the health, safety, and financial welfare of the public with minimizing the burden for qualified individuals to practice in their chosen occupations.

When licensing requirements are properly balanced, consumers have access to qualified professionals, and have greater trust in those commercial transactions, which leads to economic growth and prosperity for all.

About Professional Licensure Reviews

OPLR is required to submit a prioritized list of regulated occupations for review in the upcoming calendar year to the Business and Labor Committee. The Committee can then modify the list before approving it.

OPLR plans to prioritize professions and occupations based on the same criteria used in the reviews.

About Sunrise Review Applications

A sunrise review is ‘a specific, data-informed analysis completed before proposed [occupational licenses] are considered by a state legislature’ (more information from the CSG here ).

Utah Code Title 13 Chapter 1b, Office of Professional Licensure Review  requires that every proposed occupational regulation, whether a license, certification, or registration, be submitted to OPLR for review prior to its introduction in the legislature. This is true whether the proposal originates within the Utah State Legislature, with an industry, or with the public.

Sunrise reviews consider many factors including harm to health, safety or financial welfare of the public, the demand for the occupation in the economy, the economic impact of regulation, the regulation of the occupation in other states, and the likely effect of different regulatory options on the factors above.